Snow fun in 2021

January 18, 2021

Some photos from running and sliding in the snowy Pentlands over the last few weeks...

Snow joy

Full of joy at the first snowfall

Running in snow

Looking out over Glencorse

Every time I see this view I take this photograph. It never gets old.

A long run that I didn't want to go on ended with this beautiful sunset. I didn't want to go home!

Pink hues

Just wow

From Capelaw

I should have headed back after Capelaw but it was still light and beautiful so I pushed on to Allemuir. It suddenly got dark very quickly! I took a too-steep descent off the summit, breaking trail through a heavy crust of snow, feeling nervous all the way to the pumphouse.

From Allemuir

After more snow overnight we made it back up Capelaw for sunrise.

Capelaw sunrise

We got out early Saturday morning with ski touring kit before the temperature rose and lots of the snow melted. It was cold and windy and we were very glad to be wearing full ski gear and goggles!