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Values workshop

Last year I ran a personal values workshop for some teammates which was a fun and valuable exercise. There are lots of suggestions on how to run a workshop like this on the internet. I picked one that would work well remotely. Everyone created their own values board individually, and we had time at the beginning and end for discussion to make the sesion more interactive. The workshop fit into a one hour session but some of the discussions felt a little rushed, so longer would probably be better. I encouraged people to take extra time to reflect afterwards.

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Learning to lead

Originally posted on engineering.tes.com here

Things I've learnt since becoming a Principal Engineer

At Tes, a Principal Engineer looks after one or more teams of engineers with the aim of helping the individuals grow and to enable the team to work together to develop and support our services. Principal Engineers across Tes Engineering meet every week and are "responsible for the overall health of the engineering team". Read more about our management model here.

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